Katherine Johnson

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"I always tried to incorporate learning into my life. You lose your curiosity when you stop learning."

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson loved to learn and would always ask questions and play games to keep her mind sharp. When she would see one of her six grandkids, she would ask them, “What did you learn today?” or she would quiz them about math, or another subject they were studying. She always made it fun.

She was an educator at heart and always believed education to be the key to equality. In her honor, her family established The KCGJ Foundation to provide scholarships and student financial aid to young people in need, in the hopes that all children may have the same opportunities to learn and grow.

The KCGJ Foundation, Inc.

KCGJ Foundation is synonymous with education and the joy of learning for young people.  Our mission is to encourage, inspire and empower youth to pursue careers in STEM—especially math and science.

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